If you are facing a situation where legal service in creation of employment agreements or correct job descriptions or legal interference in the event of labour dispute is required. Law Office TADEO can assist you and be a representative of your legal interests.

Our lawyers will be happy to assist you with the following legal services:

  • drafting and amending employment agreements considering the specifics of work of the employee;
  • legal advice in labour disputes;
  • drafting a job description of the employee;
  • drafting and amending internal rules of procedure, orders and other documents related to work organisation in line with laws and regulations;
  • legal advice to employees regarding their rights during the insolvency proceedings of the company;
  • representing legal interests in labour disputes;
  • complete representation of your legal interests, including in discussions with trade unions, the State Labour Inspectorate.

Why is legal support on labour law issues required?

Legally correct labour law regulations – employment agreements, internal rules of procedure and orders – allow avoiding conflicts between the employer and the employee that are possible in the future. Disputes of this king affect productivity and can lead to substantial losses on the part of both the employee and the employer.

In the event of labour disputes, a lawyer is able to recommend, during a pre-court process, a legally most appropriate solution for both the employer and the employee, which will definitely pay back in longer perspective because arranged legal relationship between the employee and the employer serve as basis for trustful work. Avoid eventual future problems and arrange, with the assistance of a lawyer, the labour law regulations in your company right from the start.