Legal proceedings involving a governmental authority are quite complicated and, without specific facts and legally justified arguments, challenging a violation on your own is practically useless spending of time, money and nerves. You will definitely require legal support to challenge a decision of the tax administration, the State Revenue Service, or any other administrative deed.

At TADEO, we, as a legal service provider, can offer you:

  • legal advice on issues related to challenging decisions adopted by the tax administration;
  • drafting requests for information for filing with the SRS;
  • drafting applications and complaints for filing with the SRS officials, including the Director General;
  • drafting complaints, including appellate and cassation complaints for filing with the court within administrative proceedings.

Why is legal support needed for communication with the SRS?

A lawyer will be able to objectively assess your specific case and provide you with qualified legal advice on the issue you are interested in.

In the events where legal support is related to challenging an adverse administrative deed or a resolution regarding administrative punishment imposed on you, a lawyer will evaluate legality of the administrative deed, justification of the administrative violation and will draft the relevant complaints for the institution.

It is important to note that the above complaints have certain succession, so, when drafting the initial complaint, it should be considered that the complaint may have to be advanced to the court in the future, and therefore involving a lawyer in a timely manner will not cause unnecessary mistakes in the initiated appellate proceedings.