Need help and legal protection in relations with law enforcement and governmental authorities? TADEO Law Office may be your adviser, source of information, provider of various documents and applications, and also a representative of legal interests in judicial and administrative violation proceedings.

We provide the following legal services:

  • obtaining information from:
    • Land Register;
    • State Land Service;
    • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs;
  • drafting applications for filing with the relevant institution;
  • drafting requests for filing with the relevant institution;
  • drafting of explanations for filing with the relevant institution;
  • representation of interests: conducting negotiations, provision for communication with the institution;
  • appealing the adopted resolutions within the authority, bringing action in court;
  • disputing administrative violations.

Governmental authorities, before which we can represent your interests:

  • State Police (SP);
  • Municipal Police;
  • State Revenue Service (SRS);
  • Register of Enterprises (RE);
  • State Construction Control Bureau (SCCB);
  • Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC);
  • State Forest Service (SFS);
  • State Labour Inspectorate (SLI);
  • Administration of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund;
  • State Environmental Service (SES);
  • State Land Service.

Why is legal support necessary in communication with governmental authorities?

One of the services of a law office is provision of information. Requesting information is necessary to obtain evidence that will be required for further communication with your transaction counterparties or potential partners, for their submission to state and municipal authorities, law enforcement authorities and courts. The request of information from a lawyer is often related to the wish of the addressee to learn and/or clarify any issue he/she is interested in, which will accordingly provide clarity for further action on some specific issue.

Legally correctly formed applications, requests and explanations not only make communication with the authority easier, but also provide the opportunity to achieve the desired result in the area of both law enforcement and the entire judicial proceedings more efficiently.