When registering social business, choose entrusting it to a lawyer who will help arrange both documentation and registration, and protect and represent your interests before the court. TADEO Law Office can be your reliable support in the process of registration of social business.

If you have the idea you want to implement and you wish to become a social businessman, the following legal services will be useful for you:

  • legal advice before establishing the social company;
  • preparation of the social company registration documents for filing with the Register of Enterprises (UR);
  • representing interests before the state and municipal institutions related to social business.

If you are a legal entity or a Limited Liability Company (SIA) already, our lawyers may assist with the following legal services:

  • legal advice;
  • preparation of documents for adapting the company to social business;
  • preparation of other legal documents, such as applications, requests for filing with the state and municipal institutions related to social business;
  • representation of interests before the state and municipal institutions.

Prior to establishing a social company, it is important to understand that the purpose of the social company is creating benefit to the public by providing services or manufacturing products rather than making profit for the company owners. Profit made by the company is directed to the development of the company or attaining the objective of the social company.

A social company in Latvia is a Limited Liability Company (SIA), which, meeting the criteria set forth by law, has acquired the status of the social company. A social company may be established by both single and several persons as well as a legal entity may be the founder of the SIA.

Why is legal support required in establishing a social company or adapting the already existing company for social business?

In order for the company to become a social company, it is necessary to meet the criteria set forth by law. Meeting these criteria is ensured, to a large extent, by legally correctly drafted registration documents of the company, which, for the sake of effective registration process, is ensured by a lawyer.

With regard to the already existing company becoming a social company, a lawyer provides legal advice prior to implementing the planned process, thus helping understand whether it is possible to convert the existing company into a social company. Legal assistance ensures effective and quick implementation of the process, and therefore entrust legal issues to TADEO, where professionals of the legal sector are working to quickly and successfully resolve any issue or problem.