The process of formation of associations and foundations may seem complicated and time-consuming, so the wisest option is to entrust this process to someone who knows legal regulation of the area, the procedure of registration and relevant documentation from A to Z. Entrust your burden to a law office where knowledgeable lawyers will not only provide valuable legal advice, but will also assist throughout the establishment process with advice, drafting documents or serve as representatives of legal interests throughout the judicial proceedings.

Law Office TADEO offers the following legal services:

Legal advice that will provide you with answers regarding what kind of association to establish, what should be specifically addressed in the documents of the association to be established in your case and what additional criteria should be met in establishing the specific association.

Legal services that include:

  • drafting the association and foundation registration documents for filing with the Register of Enterprises;
  • representation of legal interests of associations and foundations before various institutions, during the pre-court and court proceedings;
  • other legal solutions.

Associations and foundations may be established in different areas:

  • organisations of employers, trade unions, professional associations and foundations;
  • culture and recreation;
  • media and communication;
  • research and education;
  • health;
  • social support measures for persons;
  • environmental and animal protection;
  • dwelling development and provision;
  • rule of law and defending interests;
  • philanthropy mediation and promoting volunteering;
  • youth association or foundation;
  • volunteer firefighting organisations;
  • sports associations and foundation;
  • international activities.

The aim for establishing your association and foundation may vary. For instance, you want to establish the association of apartment owners to provide for development and management of the dwelling, or a sports association with the aim of developing/promoting particular kinds of sports, or an association with the aim of promoting social protection of persons.