Whatever your plan with regard to real property, it is worth contacting a lawyer if there is a need for preparing a real property purchase agreement or for legal advice in construction dispute, real property division, management and other issues related to real property. You will meet knowledgeable representatives of the profession in our Law Office, lawyers with more than 10 years of experience and relentless inquisitiveness.

In the legal service portfolio of TADEO, you will find:

  • legal advice in the process of real property acquisition;
  • drafting a real property purchase agreement or amending the already existing agreement;
  • legal advice on issue related to real property management;
  • establishing of real property management apartment associations, their registration in the Register of Enterprises;
  • preparation of documents required during the process of construction for filing with the responsible institutions;
  • legal assistance in resolving construction disputes, including representation of legal interests both in and out of court;
  • drafting as well as amending real property tenancy and lease agreements;
  • legal advice and legal assistance related to establishment of easement and registration of the established easements;
  • legal advice or services related to the real property division or separation.

Why is legal support required in real property transactions?

Legal advice before acquisition of real property provides understanding of:

  • whether the idea you want to implement in the real property faces any obstacles, such as irrelevance of the form of property to be acquired, absence of encumbrances, including those not registered in the Land Register;
  • the process of acquisition and the related formalities;
  • costs associated with the process of acquisition and future maintenance of the property purchased.

A lawyer will prepare the real property transaction so that it is to a maximum extent safe in the event of both acquisition and sale of the real property. Involvement of a lawyer will enable avoiding mistakes, correcting which can cause substantial material damages and require significant time resources.

If the company already owns real property, legal advice may assist in managing real property with more success as well as make real property profitable by leasing or renting it. A legally correct agreement will protect you against future losses that are possible in both the event of failure to perform obligations and may result from unclear terms and conditions of the agreement.