Debt recovery companies are operating based on their discretion and principles in order to recover the as quickly as possible. However, it is not always necessary to contact the debt recovery company right away. Recovering debts from an individual or legal entity differs by various legal nuances, but both of them are equally serious situations that only a skilful lawyer will be able to resolve.

We offer the following legal services to creditors or those recovering debts:

  • legal advice regarding debt recovery solutions;
  • drafting of the claim for sending to the debtor;
  • negotiating with the debtor;
  • preparation of calculation regarding the delayed performance of obligations, namely application of penalty, late interest or statutory interest;
  • drafting the statement of claim and other documents related to the claim for filing with the court;
  • representation in judicial proceedings;
  • drafting of other legal documents related to debt recovery, such as settlement or agreement between the parties regarding repayment of the debt.

Why is legal support needed in the process of debt recovery?

Not always the situations are so hopeless as they seem in the beginning. A lawyer in debt recovery cases is not only a professional who will prepare documents according to the situation and represent one or the other party in judicial proceedings, but also a mediator between the debtor and the creditor, between the creditor and the person implementing the debt recovery procedure (such as bailiff). A lawyer is a person who is often able to recover what has been lost and successfully close the implemented debt recovery proceedings by means of the required communication.