The course of registration of a new company or reorganisation of the existing one can seem easily understandable, however, when the moment for completion or preparation of documents arrives, everything changes suddenly and these registration documents seem like the worst nightmare. Calm, be calm! Our lawyers will assist in preparation of legal documents of any kind to register the business or make changes in it.

Legal services for registration of new companies:

If you want to establish a SIA (Limited Liability Company), low capital SIA, AS (Joint Stock Company), Fishermen or Farmer Farm, IK (Individual Merchant), PS (Partnership) or another company or merchant, including an organisation like association or foundation.

  • Legal advice before registration of business that include advice on choosing legal form appropriate for the performance of economic activity.
  • Preparation of company registration documents for filing with the UR.
  • Preparation of low capital SIA registration documents for filing with the UR.
  • Preparation of association, foundation, union, organisation registration documents for filing with the UR.
  • During the process of establishment, preparing documents for obtaining the status of the Value Added Tax (PVN) payer.

To implement the process of reorganisation (such as separation, transformation, merger, splitting) of the existing company, we can offer the following legal services:

  • legal advice prior to the process of reorganisation of the company;
  • drafting the reorganisation agreement for filing;
  • drafting applications, requests and other documents related to the process of reorganisation;
  • representation of interests during the process of reorganisation.

Company liquidation:

  • legal advice prior to the process of liquidation of the company;
  • drafting the documents necessary for the UR to carry out the process of liquidation of the company successfully.

Why is legal support required during the process of company registration, reorganisation or liquidation? 

In the process of establishment of the company, a lawyer will not only help with preparation of documents required for the registration, but will also provide advice that will be useful in selecting the most appropriate form of business, such as choosing between an individual merchant or a low capital SIA, and will assist you in implementing future business goals by offering the most innovative solutions.

The process of reorganisation tends to be complicated and very time-consuming, therefore, to make this process less complicated, legal support will assist you with both preparation of the required documents and provide you with recommendations throughout the process and advise on creating and implementing the solution that is most suitable for your interests.

Liquidation of the company takes place in the events where the company has lost the need for it and its founders/shareholders do not want to alienate their company or relevant alienation is not possible. To cease operation of the company, a lawyer will provide advice on the possibilities for liquidation of the company, its process, and will assist in preparation of documents related to the liquidation of the company.