Different loans, such as consumer loan, mortgage loan, quick loans, leasing, product instalment or study loan, are daily concern of a large portion of the public that tend to create more problems than relief, and legal assistance may serve as the only reasonable salvation in the fight with the lender.

In order to avoid the above situations, at TADEO we offer the following legal services:

  • legal advice before signing the loan agreement;
  • amending the loan agreement;
  • representation of interests in the communication with the creditor (bank, quick loan service providers, companies);
  • representation of interests in the communication with the debt recovery service providers (Inkaso, GelvoraSergel, etc.);
  • representation of legal interests in the communication with the sworn bailiff;
  • provision for negotiation procedure with the lender;
  • drafting the schedule of performance of obligations for submission to the lender;
  • representation in the events of loan restructuring;
  • representation of interests in judicial proceedings.

If circumstances have set in, due to which you are unable to perform your obligations, there is a risk that:

  • Late interest or penalty may be calculated on your debt, which will increase the debt, thereby extending the deadline for repayment of the debt.
  • Information about the fact that you are unable to perform your debt obligations will be transferred to the debt recovery service providers, the Loan Register or the Credit Information Bureau, which will substantially affect your ability to receive a loan in the future.
  • You will have to pay the expenses of the debt recovery service provider as well as court expenses, if court action is brought against you.

Why is legal support required in the cases of loan?

Prior to taking the loan, it is important to understand what are the terms and conditions of the loan, namely what are the interest rates, the AIR (annual interest rate), penalty sanctions for a delayed payment and other nuances. Having researched the loan agreement, a lawyer is able to note the things that need to be considered before entering into the loan agreement and, if required, offer making amendments and coordinating such with the lender.

You definitely require legal advice or event representation in court in the event where it is not possible to perform the obligations in due time or where circumstances substantially affecting repayment of the loan have set in. Effective communication with the lender helps avoiding increase of the amount of the loan as well as eventual loss of property or even commencing insolvency proceedings.