In the process of change of the creditor, it is important that security of the claim to be acquired is verified, which can sometimes result in a great financial risk. Any competent lawyer will be able to safeguard your property against incorrectly expressed or detrimental assignment transactions. Come to us for advice of legal nature, legal solutions, assistance in drafting the assignment agreement or other matters, and allow us to resolve your legal issues.

TADEO team of lawyers can assist you with the following legal services:

  • legal advice in carrying out assignment transactions;
  • legal assistance in the preparation of assignment transactions;
  • representing your interests in discussions with debtors;
  • drafting statements of claim for filing with the court;
  • representing interests in judicial proceedings;
  • representation in the process of execution of the judgment.

Assignment is a transaction resulting in the transfer of a claim from one creditor to another, namely, a change of creditors takes place (a creditor may be, for example, a lender, a product supplier, a contractor who has not received satisfaction of its claim).

The difference of the assignment transaction from the novation agreement lies in the fact that not the contractual relationship, but solely the right of claim is taken over by means of assignment. In the event of novation agreement, a party transfers its obligations arising from the agreement, namely, the rights and duties, to another person, while in the event of assignment only the right of claim is transferred.

The subject of assignment may be various claims, whether arising from the agreement or unpermitted action. Including the ones that have not become due yet, as well as conditional ones and even future and insecure ones.

Why is legal support required in the assignment transactions?

A lawyer will provide a complete overview of action required to recover the acquired claim, will evaluate security of the claim to be acquired, which will allow avoiding or substantially reduce the financial risks of the transaction concerned. A lawyer will prepare, according to your interests, the necessary agreements, notices to the debtor about the change of creditor, and, subject to the repayment deadlines of the acquired claim, will fully provide for activities related to the recovered claim, such as bringing relevant action in court and representing your interests at the stage of execution of the judgment. Choose the services of TADEO and professional lawyers will provide legal assistance in the issues related to the assignment procedure!