Inheritance cases do not always run smoothly and there may be situation where discrepancies arise between the heirs. Professionals from our Law Office can provide you with assistance in legal issues and successfully arrange everything related to inheritance cases by providing the following services:

  • legal advice related to inheritance, drafting the inheritance agreement or last will and testament;
  • drafting the inheritance claim and maintaining it in court;
  • representation in issues related to execution of the inheritance case.

Why is legal support needed in the inheritance cases?

A lawyer will help you understand legal nuances that need to be taken into account when drafting the inheritance agreement or last will and testament. In the event of dispute, in order for you not to lose the inheritance you are entitled to, a lawyer will help you prepare documents for bringing inheritance action in court and will represent your interests in judicial proceedings.

Involving a legal service provider in a timely manner will help you attain the desired result more accurately and will not cause unnecessary expense or losses that may result from inheritance matters that have not been arranged.

An inheritance is a whole, which comprises all immovable and movable property as well as transferable rights and obligations. As to its for, an inheritance is a legal entity. Until the moment the inheritance is acquired by the heir, the entire inheritance is an independent subject in civil circulation that may acquire rights and perform obligations.

With the level of knowledge and social welfare increasing in general, which is, of course, related to increase of assets, we ask ourselves the questions of what will happen to my property after my death, who will take care of my closest ones and how to arrange these matters according to my wishes. It is possible to arrange this by means of contractual inheritance or a testament.

In the vents where no inheritance agreement has been entered into or the estate-leaver has not left the last will and testament, inheritance takes place by law, based on closer and farther family and kinship relation between the estate-leaver and lawful heirs according to the principle that the closest inherit first.

There are cases in practice where preferential heirs are turned down by means of the inheritance agreement or testament, and such action contradicts legal regulation, and is thus challengeable by the preferential heirs, which is a spouse, the descendants (children, grandchildren), but in the absence of such – the ascendants of the nearest degree.